The history of Entremont

Lait français Entremont

Once upon a time there was Entremont...

The Entremont saga is rooted in Haute-Savoie and begins with a love story ... between three brothers for a cheese: Emmental. You could say the brothers had true flair when it came to business, starting the Entremont dairy in 1948! Two years later and they had already transferred the first wheels of cheese bearing their name from the mountain pastures to their cellars in Annecy.

Their cheese was of excellent quality right from the very beginning of the production of these wheels. Emmental quickly became a star of the cheese section, an essential on any cheeseboard and soon an ingredient grated into cuisines from all over the world. A cheese was born and its story had only just begun...

70 years in brief...


The saga Entremont has its roots in Haute-Savoie and begins with a love story ... that of three brothers for a cheese: the Emmental. They have flair by launching their cheese business in 1948 !


The three brothers send alpine pastures, to the cellars of Annecy, the first cheese wheels to bear their name. From the beginning of the production of these cheese wheels, their cheese is of excellent quality.



Start of the "pre-packaged" activity and launch of the first "Entremont Maître Fromager" communication campaigns.



Entremont's first appearance on television


Birth of the famous slogan


The famous advertising Entremont with customs officers is broadcast on television

1993 & 1996

Entremont successively acquires Juragruyère (Emmental and Comté) and Stegmann (Germany).


Entry into the capital of CNP (Compagnie Nationale à Portefeuille) up to 75%


Entremont launches its range of hot dishes.


Entremont becomes a company of the Cooperative Group SODIAAL, the first French dairy cooperative.


Launch of the first ad with the famous mice, voted the third favorite advertising of the French (food category, according to the Ipsos list)


Entremont expands its cheese platter with portions origins.


Entremont expands its range of platter and grated cheeses by launching the Saint Mont des Alpes and its grated cheese.


Launch of the communication campaign "They all work for Entremont". Through this campaign, Entremont places the human and its know-how at the heart of its philosophy by relying on its employees who highlight the values of our brand.

Entremont revolutionizes the use of raclette in its range of hot dishes with Spécial Soirée Raclette: an assortment of 3 raclettes presented in 6 small trays to place directly on the table.


Entremont launches its range of Emmental Bio!

Bio and Autrement Bon !