Ressources humaines

Ressources Humaines

Directeur RH entremont

Conjuguer les talents, dans le respect des valeurs de notre société et des hommes et femmes qui la font vivre, est notre objectif.

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Olivier Brys, Directeur des Ressources Humaines Entremont

L'avenir maintenant





… rejoignez nos équipes !

If, like ENTREMONT, you are :

Differently ambitious and you…

  • want to learn and grow
  • want to take up the challenges of the dairy industry with us
  • want to reinvent daily life: both for our customers and our customers

Differently bold, and you…

  • want to see things from a different perspective
  • want to express your creativity
  • want to learn about the endless possibilities of processing milk

Differently different, and you…

  • want to share a human adventure in a cooperative group
  • want to contribute to the Group's success with your team spirit

… join our teams !

Why work for us ?

Our Group has implemented an original and innovative development strategy combining customer focus, performance, and ethics. For this, we work daily to bring together our teams around the five values of the "Values and Employees" project :

The very foundation of this project was established by the definition of values bringing together members and employees to perform the same mission and share common ambitions.

It is clear that Sodiaal's mission of "developing the processing of milk of all members to guarantee a market price for their production and to constantly increase the company's profitability," can only be fulfilled by the unity of corporate actors with all the same ambitions. The latter are intended "to develop the pride of belonging to the Sodiaal dairy cooperative, community of producers and employees bound by a shared goal of sustainable growth serving its customers."

Focus on integration and training

With regards to training, Entremont helps the men and women working for it to acquire new skills throughout their career. A dynamic training policy has been implemented for a number of years which favours internal promotions. Entremont recently opened a school to offer Group experts the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and practices directly to their colleagues to ensure that Entremont's expertise is shared better. 

Our trades

Marketing trades

  • Communications manager
  • Operational marketing manager
  • Study and category management manager
  • RHF marketing coordination manager
  • Product manager

Industry trades

  • Production team manager
  • Maintenance / technology manager
  • Shop floor supervisor
  • Head of the cheese plant
  • Safety and environment manager
  • Scheduling manager
  • Procurement manager

Quality and R&D trades

  • Quality management manager
  • Customer quality department manager
  • Laboratory manager
  • Product development manager
  • Product development engineer

Sales trades

  • Area manager
  • Regional sales manager
  • Sales manager
  • Regional manager
  • Key account manager
  • Area manager
  • Franchise manager
  • Overseas export manager<

Supply Chain trades

  • Technical data manager
  • Physical flow managers
  • Planning manager
  • Logistics flow managers
  • Forecaster

Support trades

  • Purchasing managers
  • Purchasing coordinator
  • Management controller
  • Accountant
  • Human resources manager
  • Payroll manager
  • Communications manager
  • Social relations manager
  • IT/ IS manager
  • Project manager
  • Legal expert

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