Frozen Products

How to treat yourself with generous ready-to-eat meals that are both savoury and fun? Entremont has responded with its Frozen Product range: cheesy meals ready to eat without you needing to lift a finger.
Try our Appetiser Toasts and the Croque to share to brighten up your drinks parties, or our soufflés and gratins for a delicious dinner which will be sure to treat your taste buds.



Want to impress your guests by serving original appetisers? There is nothing easier with Entremont: pop them in the oven, wait a few minutes, and hey presto! Enjoy!
You will find all the creaminess and typical flavour of Emmental or Cantal on your toast and croques with our creative appetisers. A true moment of sharing for nibbles with family or friends.


On the Menu

Hot meals for one or more. This is the slogan of this range of dishes packaged in individual portions. Of these Entremont gratins and soufflés, you will retain all the comfort of home cooking as well as their practicality and simplicity. Ready to pop in the oven, they will delight with their cheesy flavours.