Hot Dishes

Entremont will warm up your winter evenings! Warm mountain ambiance and conviviality guaranteed! Discover a wide range of gourmet cheeses for hot dishes with our selection of cheese for raclettes, fondues, and tartiflettes. Watch out, coming through!

Raclette Cheeses

Entremont presents its variety of raclette cheeses. For a romantic night in or with your children discover combinations of tasty and practical Raclette cheeses full of character for sociable 100% cheese meals!

Traditional Savoyard Recipes

The Fondue and the Tartiflette are two typical Savoie dishes made easy by Entremont and its easy-to-cook range. Easy recipes for you to make at home following our fun cooking videos which give a step-by-step explanation on how to make these two famous dishes. Impress your guests with these differently good perfect-every-time dishes!