Mon Crémeux Chaud en Duo

Mon Crémeux Chaud en duo

A gourmet cheese meal!

We offer a whole milk cheese with a creamy texture and unique taste elaborated by our master cheese-makers.

Mon Crémeux chaud is a complete individual & gourmet cheese meal. Just serve with potatoes or bread, pork products, or a green salad! Conveniently packaged in a wooden box ready to serve on the plate.

A variety of ways to cook it :

  • bake in the oven for 15 minutes;
  • microwave it for 2.5 minutes;
  • barbecue it for 20 minutes in the summer. 

We recommend baking it for a sensational gourmet experience !


Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g

Energie Matière grasse dont acides gras saturés Glucides dont sucres Protéines Sel Calcium
1376kJ/332kcal 28g 20g 1g 0,5g 19g 1,6g