La cuisine du fromager savoyard

The new raclette side!

Treat yourself to a gourmet moment with La Cuisine du Fromager Savoyard Entremont : this dish is made of melting potato cubes, a creamy sauce with Raclette and bacon. All covered with a slice of Raclette!

Ready in minutes in the microwave or oven, this dish is easy and quick to prepare. Enjoy your meal !


  • Net weight 300g

  • A portion

Good with ...

... a vitamin-enriched winter salad with slices of red and white cabbage, carrots, celery, apples and Cranberries. A vinaigrette with sunflower oil, balsamic vinegar, honey and sesame.


Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g

Energie Matière grasse dont acides gras saturés Glucides dont sucres Protéines Sel Calcium
562kJ/135kcal 7,4g 5,1g 9,8g 0,2g 6,6g 1g