Pizza La Royale

Pizza La Royale

A classic revisited in an ultra-gourmet version !

Entremont offers us its version of the Royal pizza, with an even more delicious and generous recipe and quality ingredients !

Grated and sliced ​​French Emmental cheese, French ham and button mushrooms on a delicious tomato base ... all on a thin dough ! 

Out of the freezer, just bake it 14 min in the oven at 180°C and "Notre Royale" is ready to be savored !


  • Net weight 430g

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g

Energie Matière grasse dont acides gras saturés Glucides dont sucres Fibres Protéines Sel
1014kJ/242kcal 9,3g 4,2g 27g 2,6g 2,1g 11g 1,3g